This business line is focused on helping people articulate their person values, understand their strengths, passions, interests and possibly release their untapped potential. The Clean Slate recognizes the value of being self aware and the importance that we can only lead from a place that we know is true.  It promotes being responsible for communications with a spirit of learning, accountability for results and building self-confidence.

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Professional development of people Understand personal strengths, self-assessment, feedback, individual improvement planning, employee code of conduct, understanding change, Lean thinking and personal mission statements Staff / volunteers are honored as the most treasured asset within the organization and are invested in with professional development to support them in the growth and development to be the “best you”

“Linda was a wonderful facilitator!!! In just 90 minutes, I have already taken away so much; I am excited to apply some of the pieces of the work shop to training with my own staff.” – Aubree / South Sound YMCA

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Executive development & coaching


This business line provides executive level professional development, coaching and increased self-awareness to effectively lead and motivate teams, inspire vision, foster collaboration, innovation, improvements and lead from their true authentic self

Executive development & coaching Mission, vision and values engagement, professional coaching, self- assessment, 360 feedback, feedback, leader action planning, authenticity and vulnerability, employee motivation, influencing behavior change and understanding change, Lean thinking and leadership Executive leaders have a shared understanding of key leadership principles, personalized engagement to develop self to be the “best you” possible; Executive leaders set the tone and expectations to mobilize the organization towards a sustainable “great” place to work

“Thank you so much for the gift of a rich and provocative communications workshop Saturday! I know others are as appreciative as I am, given the comments I heard as people were leaving and afterward. Different pieces, what people said and comments you made, keep floating through my head. I will be processing this for a long time.” – Sherry / CIELO