Our Mission: Improve the POP (Process * Organization * People) so your employees are happier, healthier and positive contributors to society.

Our Vision: Workplace and organizational satisfaction will increase to 70% or above (historical level was 61.1% in 1987).

Our Values:

  • Maximize Customer Value & Service
  • Authentic Living & Healthy Well-being
  • Promote Trust
  • Servant Leadership
  • Purpose Focused

T.A.S. (Transform. Action. Strategy.) is based in Olympia, Washington. We provide consultant services to improve business processes using Lean tools and templates, organizational structures with project management and strategic planning, and personnel via leader and professional development. T.A.S. is about leveraging resources for a better, self-sustaining, progressive work environment. It builds on what is known (current state) and works with companies and teams to design a future state that empowers staff, brings value to customers and delivers results.

T.A.S. will help your organization improve, whether it’s your process, organizational structure, and/or personnel, by working with T.A.S. you’ll be on a trajectory of self-sustaining improvement as we provide customer-driven expertise in serving organizations in the areas of strategic planning, employee engagement and building the capacity for change in organizations.

T.A.S. is OMWBE Certified in the State of Washington and a pre-qualified vendor on the Department of Enterprise Services, Lean Consulting Master Contract #01215 and Human Resources Performance Management Master Contract #05414.