Linda KleingartnerLinda Kleingartner – founder of T.A.S., Chief of Everything—

Linda is a tenacious, strategic and results-oriented leader. Her background in state government, small business and non-profit management combined with experience working for a world renowned not-for-profit organization has enabled her to bring insight, experience and expertise to navigate change. Supplementing the professional experience, Linda’s education and training in behavioral science, project management, Lean Six-Sigma, change management and leadership strategies are critical assets to T.A.S. product and service lines.

She is established in the Olympia community and well regarded in Washington State government for accomplishing results. Her work has been spread to the four corners of Washington State, and she is known for quick, effective results. Linda’s StrengthsFinder 2.0 strengths are 1) Strategic, 2) Achiever, 3) Learner, 4) Arranger, and 5) Responsibility. She is an active volunteer for nearly 25 years and has served on six boards.  Contact Linda at