This business line is all about continuous improvement of processes and problem solving, using Lean tools and templates to iterate adjustments, striving to eliminate waste and increase value for the customer.

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Continuous improvement (Plan-Do-Check-Adjust) Lean, A3 Problem solving, root cause analysis, issue prioritization, action plans, performance management, quality management system planning, 5S, visual management Products, services, company deliverables are provided to their customers where and when they want, when they want it, at the right price, and all employees have ownership in minimizing waste and maximizing value

“I really appreciated the structure T.A.S. provided, the methodology, and – most importantly – your facilitation abilities.  I know there were a few times during our 5 Whys sessions that my group was a bit bogged down and you really – masterfully – moved the conversation back to a productive place.” ~ Todd/ State Parks

Sample of completed work:

Lower Columbia College Value Stream Map

Tip Sheets:

Huddles           Visual Management            PICK Process